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Isabella Drive Boil Advisory Lifted

Alexandria, La. (March 16, 2023)—The boil advisory issued Wednesday, March 15, 2023, for Isabella Drive is now lifted. Repairs to a 6-inch water Main by COA personnel resulted in the need for a boil water advisory. The State of Louisiana has tested the water, and the results of the tests are clear, according to Water Superintendent Michael Marler.

The Alexandria Water Department has lifted the boil advisory for businesses and residents located in the area described below:

All the properties along Isabella Drive (Please see attached detail map).

With the lifting of the boil advisory, the City of Alexandria now recommends that businesses and residences in the affected areas:

  • Run cold-water faucets for one minute; 
  • Run drinking water fountains for one minute; 
  • Flush automatic icemakers (make three batches of ice and discard); 
  • Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle; and 
  • Run water coolers with direct water connections for five minutes. 


Michael O. Marler

Water Superintendent


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