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Sandbags Available from 3-6 p.m. Wednesday

Sandbags - City of Alexandria, La - Cenla Ready

Alexandria, La. (May 19, 2021)— Alexandria residents may obtain free, pre-filled sandbags while supplies last from 3-6 p.m. today at the City Compound located at 2021 Industrial Park Road. There is a limit of 5 bags per vehicle.

“With the extreme amount of rainfall we have seen in south Louisiana, we are concerned that the rain we receive locally will not be able to drain as quickly as normal,” explained Alexandria Mayor Jeff Hall. “We count on our water to go south, and it may not be able to do that right now. If our drainage canals backup and overflow, it could result in local flooding. We hope that does not happen, but we are making sandbags available as a precaution.”

Residents should use the North Third Street entrance at the foot of the Curtis-Coleman Bridge and follow the signs to the warehouse building at the compound as the entrance from Highway 1 is currently closed. Workers will be available to load the bags in vehicles.

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